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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is automated with the power of AI, which allows us to save operational costs and instead provide extra discounts to our members in the form of member - exclusive deals. Simply login, enjoy exclusive price information of 3.16M hotels found only at Staypia, as well as member - exclusive benefits.

You can easily register on both PC and mobile to become a Staypia member. Simply register using your e-mail address, Gmail or Facebook account and check out our member-exclusive prices.

Staypia helps you compare the best deals for over 3.16M hotels located all over the world. If you have made a membership reservation at a Staypia-only Price, please contact our customer service.

•Staypia customer service: / Mon.- Fri. 9:30~17:00 (KST)

The price of hotels on Staypia and actual booking sites may differ due to the following reasons.
1. The duration of your stay
Staypia shows the total price according to the duration of your stay. Some booking sites may only show prices for one night, regardless of the duration of your stay.
2. Inclusion of tax
Staypia's prices are all tax included, but other booking sites may show prices of the hotel without tax.
3. Timing of currency
If the price is set in the local currency, prices may differ according to the applied currency rate. (Fixed exchange rate / Free floating exchange rate)

Extra fees besides VAT and service fees may occur in certain areas. According to regulations, these fees are collected by the hotel, not the taxation authorites. Prices of these fees may differ according to the region and policies of the hotel.

As payment will be made at the time of reservation, exchange rates are fixed to the date of confirmation.

If you tried to place an order and the card you used for payment was declined, please contact your bank or card provider.