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Article 1 (Purpose)

This term of use is intended to clarify the “Staypia” service (referred to as “service”, “we”, “us”, “our”) operated by Keytalk AI Inc (referred to as the “company”, “we”, “us”, “our”), as well as the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the users.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are the following.

  • “Service” refers to Staypia and related services that members can use regardless of the used gadget (including various wired and wireless devices, such as PCs, TVs, and portable terminals). This includes cases provided to users through developed programs or services, using the API address provided by the company.
  • “User” refers to members and non-members who access the service and use the service provided by the company in accordance with the agreement.
  • “Member” refers to a person who agrees to these terms and conditions and signs a contract with the company to use the services provided by the company.
  • “Seller” refers to a person who receives a sales agency service from the company for smooth provision of Hotel/Airbnb advertisement or reservation process.
  • “Non-member” refers to a person who uses the services provided by the company without registering for a membership.
  • “Use contract” refers to all contracts made between the company and members in connection with the use of services, including this agreement.
  • “ID” is a unique combination of letters and numbers approved by the company at the member's request for identification and service use. The format follows the usual e-mail address format.
  • “Password” refers to a unique combination of letters and numbers registered with the company and set by the member to verify the identity of the member.
  • “Voucher” refers to our online or offline coupon that allows you to receive a discount on the reservation price by a certain amount or percentage indicated on the coupon when making the payment for reservation.
  • “Paid Service” refers to various online digital contents (including various information contents, VOD, items and other paid contents) and various services provided by the company with charge.

The definitions of terms used in the agreement is in accordance with general related laws and service-specific guidance, except those specified in Article 2.

Article 3 (Specification, explanation and revision of the terms and conditions)

  • The company will post the contents of these terms and conditions along with the company's business name and representative's name, business office address, phone number, e-mail address, business registration number, etc. on the company home page (website default page). However, the contents of these terms and conditions can be viewed by the user through a connection screen.
  • Within the boundaries of the relavant laws, we may amend further terms or revise existing terms.
  • If the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment shall be specified and announced on the company home page (website default page) along with the current terms and conditions from 7 days before the effective date. However, in the case of revising the contents of the terms and conditions against the user, we shall make written clarifications electronically available (including electronic documents or e-mail), pop-up windows when accessing the service, in addition to the notice on the initial screen of the service 30 days before the effective date of the revised terms and conditions.
  • If the company revises the terms and conditions, the revised terms and conditions are applied only after the effective date, unless there are relevant laws or other inevitable terms, For contracts already concluded before the date, the terms and conditions before the revision will apply before total termination.
  • If you continue to use our service after the effective date announced in accordance with Paragraph 3, it is presumed that we have obtained your consent to the revised terms and conditions. If a member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he or she can freely terminate the membership contract at any time.
  • Matters not specified in this agreement or individual discrepancies in the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be in accordance with relevant laws or commercial practices.

Article 4 (Notice to Users)

  • The company notify the user, through the provided e-mail address, phone number, address, etc. provided by the user to the company in writing (including electronic documents or e-mail) unless otherwise is specified in this agreement.
  • In the case of notification to all users, the company may revoke the notice in Paragraph 1 and it on the company's notice (Customer Center) for over 7 days. However, individual notifications will be given for matters that have a significant impact on your use of the service.

Article 5 (Signing of membership contract)

  • Membership is confirmed when the applicant agrees to and registers under the terms and conditions and then applies for membership and the company approves the registration for membership. However, if the applicant (if the user is a child under the age of 14, the membership will be of the legal representative of the child) expresses consent in the consent check box provided with the contents of this agreement, we will think that you have read and fully understood it, and therefore agree to apply it.
  • In connection with the application for subscription under Paragraph 1, the company may request the applicant to confirm his/her real name through a specialized institution and to verify his/her identity (including mobile phone authentication).
  • You are obligated to provide the required items (e-mail address, password, etc.) of his/her personal information at our request.
  • In principle, we will accept the registration for membership by the applicant. However, the company may not approve the following applications or terminate the membership contract afterwards.
  1. If it is not your real name or it is proved to be a forged name
  1. In case the applicant for membership has experience in losing membership by acting against these terms and conditions. However, exceptions are made when the company's approval for re-registration is obtained.
  1. If false information is entered or the required items presented by the company are not entered.
  1. For minors under the age of 18
  1. When a user applies for re-registration within 5 days after withdrawal of membership or utilizes the service for illegal purposes or for the purpose of pursuing profit.
  1. When the application is made for the purpose of violating relevant laws or impeding good manners or social order.
  1. In case approval is not possible due to other reasons attributable to the user or the registration requested has violations in any other matters.
  • The company may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities, or if there are technical or operational difficulties.
  • If the application for memberships not approved or reserved in accordance with paragraphs 4 or 5, we will, in principle, notify you of the fact.
  • The timing of signing the membership contract is the time when the company displays the fact of signing the membership contract (membership registration) to the applicant.

Article 6 (Termination of use contract)

  • Membership termination
  1. Members can terminate the use contract at any time by notifying the company of their intent to terminate.
  1. The use contract ends when the member’s intention to terminate reaches the company.
  • Termination by the company
  1. The company may terminate the contract of use in the event of any or more of the following reason. In this case, the company notifies the member of the intent to terminate by disclosing the cause for termination through e-mail, telephone, fax, or other means. However, the company may give the member an opportunity to make a statement on the cause for termination in advance.

s When it is confirmed that there is a reason for refusing to accept the use contract specified in Article 5, Paragraph 4

s When a member violates the rights, honor, credit or other legitimate interests of the company or other members

s When other members act in violation of these terms and conditions, or when there is a reason for termination specified in these terms and conditions

s If you are inactive on the service for over a year, your account will be converted to a dormant membership, and personal information of the dormant member is managed separately. The subject member will be notified in 30 days advance of the conversion.

  1. The contract of use is terminated when the company notifies the member of its intention to terminate. In this case, the company will send the cancellation intention to the e-mail address registered by the member or post it on the company bulletin board to replace the notification.
  1. Any damages incurred in connection with the termination of the use contract is liable by the member whose use contract is terminated, and the company will not be held liable.

Article 7 (membership withdrawal and loss of qualification)

  • Members can apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the "Membership Withdrawal" screen in the service, and the company must immediately process this in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • When a member terminates the contract, the member's personal information is destroyed immediately upon termination, unless the company retains the member information in accordance with relevant laws and Privacy policies.
  • When a member terminates the contract, any posts created by the member remains undeleted.

Article 8 (Provision and change of service)

  • The company provides the following services to members.
  1. Information provision service on accommodation, restaurants, and other places
  1. Accommodation reservation service
  1. Services additionally developed by other companies or provided through partnership agreements with other companies.
  • The company may adjust or suspend all or parts of the services provided according to operational and technical needs, such as difficulty in providing smooth operations due to decrease in number of members, deterioration in profitability, changes in company policies related to service provision.
  • If the service is changed or service is scheduled to be stopped, the company will notify the type of service to be changed or discontinued on the company homepage (service initial screen) You will be noticed 30 days or more before the scheduled date with the details and reasons for the change or suspension.
  • The company may change, suspend, or abolish some or all of the services provided for free to users according to the company's management needs, and does not provide additional compensation to users unless there are special regulations in the applicable laws.

Article 9 (Service and Customer Center Hours)

  • The service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication interruption, or significant operational reasons. In this case, the company will notify the member in the manner specified in Article 4 (Notice to Users). However, if there is an unprecedented adjustment that cannot be notified in advance, it may be notified afterwards.
  • The company may conduct periodic inspections if necessary, for the provision of services, and the periodic inspection time is as announced on the service website.
  • The operating hours of the customer center related to service operation are the following.

Customer Service operating hours: 9:30 to 17:00 (Weekday)

Article 10 (providing information and posting advertisements)

  • The company may provide the information deemed necessary for the member's service use to by means of announcements or writing (including electronic documents or e-mail), text message (SMS), direct call, push notifications on the mobile app or etc. However, members may refuse to receive the above information at any time, except for transaction-related information and answers to customer inquiries in accordance with applicable laws.
  • In connection with the operation of the service, the company may place advertisements on the company homepage (service initial screen), e-mail, SMS, and App Push. However, in the case of electronic transmission media such as e-mail, SMS, and app push, as stipulated by GDPR, CCPA and other applicable laws in principle, the company must obtain the recipient's explicit prior consent. If the recipient expresses his/her intention to reject consent or withdraw prior consent, we do not transmit advertising information for commercial purposes. Members who receive e-mails with advertisements can refuse to receive them.

Article 11 (service use and intellectual property rights)

Intellectual property rights for works created and edited by the company in connection with the provision of services (including secondary works, hereinafter the same) belong to the company, and the user will obtain the company’s work obtained in the process of using the service without the company's explicit prior consent. It must not be used by any other means such as reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcast, or third-party use

Article 12 (Discount Voucher)

  • The company offers discount vouchers to members according to the service policy. Matters regarding the issuance criteria, period of use, terms of use and restrictions of discount vouchers are separately posted or notified on the service screen.
  • Matters regarding the conditions and limits of use of discount vouchers may vary according to the company's policies.
  • Discount vouchers can only be used in connection with the company's service use cannot be refunded in cash or securities.
  • It is strictly forbidden for members to dispose of discount vouchers to others, such as transferring, selling or providing them as collateral.
  • Discount vouchers are automatically terminated if they are not used during the validity period. However, the period of use of discount vouchers issued through marketing or other promotions or for which a special agreement has been set follows a separate standard.
  • If it is confirmed that the member has issued and used a discount voucher or disposed to another person by illegal means (such as recruiting recommenders in an abnormal way), the company can collect the discount voucher and perform the termination of the contract, claim for damages, and criminal charges can also be taken.
  • When withdrawing membership, the discount voucher is automatically terminated, and the lapsed discount voucher will not be restored even if you rejoin after withdrawal.
  • When a member requests a cancellation or refund after using the discount voucher, we will recover and issue a discount voucher identical to the expiration date of the discount voucher used by the member.

Article 13 (advertising)

  • The company may post advertisements to provide and maintain services, etc., and members agree to the posting of advertisements exposed when using the service.
  • The company shall not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from members' participation, communication, or transactions in the promotional activities of advertisers posted on the service or through the service.

Article 14 (restrictions on service use)

  • If the user violates the obligations of this agreement or interferes with the regular operation of the service, the company may gradually restrict the use of the service by warning, temporary suspension, permanent restriction of use, termination of the membership contract
  • Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the company is responsible for the theft of identity and payment in violation of laws(including payment by illegal methods such as stolen cards and copy cards), theft of phone numbers, and illegal programs that violate the Copyright Act and other applicable laws. In the event of violation of related laws such as illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, and excessive access rights, etc. in violation of the provisions and service operation, promotion of information and communication network use and information protection, etc., the user will be immediately suspended.
  • In case of permanent restriction pursuant to Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2, all of the user's benefits related to the use of the service, such as points, lapse, and we will not compensate for the lapsed benefits.
  • If the Company restricts the use of the service by the user, the Company shall notify the reason for the restriction on the use of the service and the details of the restriction in accordance with Article 4 (Notice to the User).
  • Members may file an objection against the restriction of use pursuant to Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2 within 2 weeks from the time of receiving the notification of the restriction of use. If our team determines that the user's objection is justified, the company immediately lifts the restriction on the use of the service for the user.

Article 15 (purchase application and consent to provide personal information, etc.)

  • The user applies for purchase by the following or similar method on the service, and we must provide the following information in an easy-to-understand manner when the user applies for purchase.
  1. Search and selection of goods, etc.
  1. Enter the name, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, etc.
  1. Displaying of terms and conditions, restrictions on cancellation, modification, and refund of contracts, conditions of stay for minors, and additional expenses.
  1. Agree to these terms and conditions and confirm or reject the above.
  1. Application for purchase of goods, etc. and consent to the company's confirmation.
  1. Choice of payment method.
  1. Payment transaction
  • When the company needs to provide the personal information of the purchaser to a third party, 1) the person receiving personal information, 2) the purpose of using the personal information of receiving the personal information, 3) the items of personal information to be provided, 4) It is required to notify the purchaser of the period of retention and use of personal information of the person receiving personal information and obtain consent.
  • When we entrust a third-party company to process personal information of the purchaser, we will seek consent to 1) the person receiving the personal information handling consignment, 2) the information of the personal information handling consignment to the purchase. (Even if the consented matters change). However, if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract for the provision of services and it is related to the enhancement of the convenience of the purchaser, following the GDPR, CCPA and other applicable laws, you do not need to go through the notification procedure and consent procedure.

Article 16 (Establishment of purchase contract)

  • The user can enter into a purchase contract through the following procedures in accordance with these terms and conditions and other regulations.
  1. Enter your name and contact information
  1. Selection of goods or services and period of use
  1. Posting of the following terms and conditions, terms and conditions, service contents (included and not included), additional costs etc.

s Notification of non-refundable products such as cancellation, change and contract

s Notice of permission for minors to stay if accompanied by a guardian

s Other service-related contents

  1. Display of user's consent (signed contract)
  1. Selection of payment method and payment action
  • All rights and obligations of the user is exercised once user approves consent (confirms reservation) after marking the consent check box, by Paragraph 1, the company presumes that the user fully acknowledges and understands the terms of use.
  • All rights and obligations related to the user's use of accommodation facilities and restaurants belong to the lodging facilities and restaurants, so the company is not responsible or burdened for any property or non-property damages incurred to users in connection with the users’ use of ledging facilities and restaurants.
  • We may provide various services required by the user’ purchase contract and charge a service fee for it according to our internal policy.

Article 17 (Storing Purchase Agreement Records)

Transaction records of purchase contracts are kept for a certain period of time in accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

Article 18 (Payment method of purchase contract)

  • The user may pay for the goods or services purchased by the company by any of the following methods. However, the company does not collect any nominal fees regardless of the user's choice of payment method.

s Various cards such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards

s discount voucher

  • If a user uses a stolen card, forged card, etc., or attempts to make a payment by other fraudulent methods, the user is ultimately responsible for the damages caused by the company or a third party and payment for the purchase contract.

Article 19 (Cancellation and refund of purchase contract)

  • The company complies with the any applicable laws regarding e-commerce transactions, in respect to cancellation and refund of reservation transactions.
  • In the case of “reservation transaction”, the company may set separate regulations related to cancellation and refund depending on the nature of the goods, and services, and the “company” may apply individual cancellation and refund policies in such cases.
  • We handle the cancellation and refund application of the user's “reservation transaction”, and a cancellation fee may incur according to the cancellation and refund policy of the company and the seller.
  • Changes in reservation are processed as re-booking after cancellation/refund, and cancellation fees may incur according to Paragraph 3.
  • In the case of “reservation transaction”, following formal processes of accommodation reservation, cancellation and refund will be processed after confirmation with the accommodation business, and a card payment may take a longer period to process according to the credit card company's refund criteria.
  • In order to protect our users, the we will restrict reservations or cancel by setting a certain period for the subject customers and also by the rule of Article 14 Paragraph 1, the company can also restrict service use. Subjects users are the following
  1. In the case of reservation by illegal methods (e.g. attempt to reserve using a macro, etc.).
  1. In the case of repetitive cancellation after purchasing a large quantity of goods or services (e.g., canceling after purchase for the purpose of resale or to interference with the purchase of other users).
  • If it is judged to be additional illegal acts not stated above
  • A minor or a legal representative of a minor may cancel the purchase of a minor in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Act, and cancellation is restricted if the minor tricks us into believing that we have the consent of his or her legal representative.
  • When a member purchases a reservation product, payment is made at the same time as the reservation. If there is no availability for the general reservation product, payment will be cancelled, and no additional fee will be charged to the user. However, if the payment of the reservation product is cancelled due to the circumstances of the member, it is subject to the separate special terms and conditions specified in the service.
  • Other matters related to cancellation and refund that are not specified in these terms and conditions and the guide for use of the service shall be governed by applicable laws.

Article 20 (Company's obligations)

  • We will not do anything that is prohibited by the relevant laws and these terms and conditions, or is against public morals, and endeavor to do the best we possibly can to provide continuous and stable service for our users.
  • We must have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can safely use the service and disclose the privacy policy while complying.
  • We comply with the obligations set by the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 21 (Users’ obligations)

  • The user is responsible for managing their information such as e-mail address, password, and payment method necessary for the use of the service. The above information is not allowed to be used by a third party in connection with the use of the service.
  • The user must comply with the matters notified by the company, such as related laws and regulations, the provisions of this agreement, and the service use guide, and must not interfere with the company’s other business practices.
  • Users must not perform any of the following actions.
  1. Registration of false information when applying or changing service
  1. Information theft of others
  1. Transmission or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information set by the company
  1. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties
  1. Defamation of the company's and other third parties' reputation, credit, or business obstruction
  1. Using the service for profit without the consent of the company
  1. Reproduction, disassembly, imitation, or other transformation of the service through processing
  1. Interfering with the company's business and service provision by using the service in an abnormal way by an automatic connection program (macro), etc.
  1. Disposing of reserves or discount coupons to a third party or transferring them from a third party
  1. The act of using various event services implemented by the company for users inconsistent with the company service policy
  1. The act of assault, intimidation, attack, defamation, sexual harassment of the company’s employees (including the process of objecting to the service) during the use the company's service.
  1. Acts that violate other related laws or regulations set by the company
  • Users cannot pursue profit through the use of the service except when officially recognized by the company, and the following is regarded as violation in the terms of use.
    1. The act of hacking the company's information and communication facilities,
    1. The act of posting advertisements and pornographic information (including links to pornographic sites)
    1. The act of infringement of intellectual property rights such as unauthorized distribution of sound sources, videos and software
  • If a user violates the above obligations and incurs property or non-property damage to the company or a third party, the company shall be exempted from the damage caused by the user, and the user shall be charged for civil damages, criminal charges, and administrative agencies. The user may take any corresponding legal action

Article 22 (Personal Information Protection)

  • When collecting user's personal information, the company collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the provision of services.
  • When registering as a member, the company does not collect information necessary for fulfillment of the purchase contract in advance. However, this is not the case when personal identification is required prior to the purchase contract in order to fulfill obligations under related laws, and when minimum specific personal information is collected.
  • When the company collects and uses user's personal information, it notifies the user of the purpose and obtains consent.
  • The company cannot use the collected personal information for purposes other than the purpose, and when a new purpose of use occurs or is provided to a third party, the Company notifies the user of the purpose and obtains consent at the use and provision stage. However, exceptions are made in cases where the relevant laws and regulations stipulate otherwise.
  • When the company needs to collect personal information of the user pursuant to Paragraphs 3 and 4, we will notify the user of the purpose and use of collected information. Also, users will be notified of the identity of whom their personal information is being managed by (manager’s department, name, contact point) And following the GDPR, CCPA and other applicable laws, we must notify and disclose any information given to a third party and users may revoke prior consent at any time.
  • Except in the following cases, if the Company uses it for purposes other than purposes or provides it to a third party without obtaining the consent of the user pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4, the company bear all responsibility. However, if it is used by the seller for a purpose other than the purpose or provided to a third party, we are only responsible for reasons attributable to the company.
  1. When notifying the facility for the purpose of providing services when using services for accommodation facilities and restaurants
  • The user may request to view and correct errors in his/her personal information held by the company at any time, and the company is obligated to take necessary measures without delay. If a user requests correction of an error, the company will not use the personal information until the error is corrected.
  • If the user's existing personal information and the personal information that the user authenticated at the time of identity authentication are different, the company may modify the member information with the personal information that the user authenticated at the time of identity authentication.
  • The company shall limit the person who handles the user's personal information to a minimum for the protection of personal information, and the loss, theft, leakage, provision of the user's personal information, including credit cards, bank accounts, etc. We are responsible for any damages caused by users.
  • The company or a third party that has received personal information from it will destroy the personal information without delay when it achieves the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information.
  • The company does not set the consent column for collection, use, and provision of personal information as previously selected. In addition, specific services that are restricted when the user refuses to consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information are specified, we do not restrict or refuse the provision of services such as membership registration because of the user’s refusal to consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information that is not required.

Article 23 (Exemption Clause)

  • If the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from responsibility for providing services.
  • The company is not liable for any disruption in service use due to reasons attributable.
  • The company is not liable for the reliability and accuracy of information/data/facts from subjective reviews which is posted by the users.
  • The company is not liable for damages caused by direct transactions between users and affiliates without using the company's services.
  • The company is not liable for the free service unless it is provided in the relevant legislation.
  • The company is not liable for damages from users' voluntary leakage or provision of their personal information to others.
  • The company, its employees and agents are not liable for damages arising from the following subjects unless they are intentional or involving gross negligence.
  1. Damage caused by false or inaccurate information provided by users to the company
  1. Personal damages arising from access and use of service
  1. Damage caused by any illegal third-party access to the server or the illegal use of the server.
  1. Damage caused by any illegal interference or interruption by a third party to a server or from a server
  1. Damage caused by all viruses, spyware, and other malware that allowed a third party to illegally transmit, distribute, or transmit or distribute services.
  1. Damage caused by errors, omission, destruction of transmitted data
  1. Civil and criminal liability due to defamation and other illegal acts occurring in the process of registering user information and using services
  1. Damage caused by a user using a stolen card, a copy card or attempting to pay by fraud.
  • The company is not liable for the loss of profits expected by the users using the service, nor for damages caused by data obtained through other services.
  • The company is not liable for disadvantages from refusal to enter, cancellation of reservation, or non-refundable damages caused by the use of accommodation facilities by minors who are not accompanied by guardians.

Article 24 (Relationship between Connect Services and Connected Services)

  • If a top service and a bottom service are linked by hyperlinks (for example, the target of a hyperlink contains characters, pictures, and videos), the former is referred to as "connect services" and the latter as "connected services".
  • Connect services do not bear any guarantee responsibility for transactions and goods provided by the “connected service”, unless it specifies as “connect service” on the initial connecting screen or a pop-up screen at the time of connection.

Article 25 (Governing Law and Arbitration Clause)

  • The laws of the user’s nation apply to the interpretation of these terms and conditions for disputes between the company and its members.
  • A lawsuit between a member and the company during the service will be filed with the competent court.

[Attachment] Article 1 (Enforcement Date) This Privacy Policy will take effect on 20.10.2020