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Due to the enforcement of travel restrictions after COVID-19, there may be limited access to some accommodations. Accordingly, your trips and/or access to accommodations may be limited or prohibited altogether. We recommend that you check the availability of accommodation along with the travel regulations for your destination. Also, we suggest that you book accommodations that have the option of free cancellation.

If you want to make changes to a reservation or see if free cancellation is available, you can do so via the 'Your Bookings' page of

Staypia keeps track of the latest travel news and new developments/related issues. We are committed to providing users with the latest information so that they may make better decisions for traveling.

- Travel Advisory, Alerts and Restrictions from the government

Please carefully check the travel restrictions for your destination before you make a reservation. As the situation evolves, travel restrictions regarding COVID-19 can change on a regular basis. Certain regions may permit only visits for specific purposes, or prohibit tourists from visiting. Please keep track of the latest policies, and in particular about information from your country's federal, state and local government.

- General information on customer’s safety

Please wash your hands regularly for your own safety and that of others. Stay home if you are feeling unwell, and please sneeze or cough into your elbow while covering your mouth and nose. Learn more

- Latest COVID-19 travel advice to ensure safety

Please frequently check up on credible information provided by World Health Organization for Disease Control and Prevention